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Home video releases of Bear in the Big Blue House. Columbia TriStar distributed the VHS releases and the first set of DVD releases, up to 2003. From 2004, the DVDs were released by Disney DVD.

Volumes 1-8

Potty Time with Bear

Safe and Sound

Sharing with Friends

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Storytelling with Bear

Practice Makes Perfect


Party Time with Bear

Shapes, Sounds & Colors with Bear

Sleepy Time with Bear and Friends

Tidy Time with Bear

Visiting the Doctor with Bear

Dance Party

Everybody's Special

A Bear for All Seasons

Heroes of Woodland Valley

Halloween & Thanksgiving

A Berry Bear Christmas

Exploring Senses

Bear and His Special Friends

Bear's Holiday Celebrations

Happy, Sad, Silly, Mad

Bear's Family Affair

Wait For Me!


In Hong Kong, Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Video CD distributed by Deltamac. The packaging is styled in the shape of a house to resemble the Big Blue House and contains a simple jewel case with a pressed CD. The video is smaller than any regular TV aspect ratio at 352x262. Traditional Chinese subtitles are hard-coded onto the image, and aren't removable. The audio track consists of a Chinese dub in the right channel, with the original English in the left.

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