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DEBUT 2016

Beast is one of the titular characters in "Birdie and the Beast," a fairy tale created by Big Bird in Episode 4615 of Sesame Street.

In the story, Birdie (played by Big Bird) moves into a nest next door to Beast's castle. He goes inside to make friends, but finds the Beast is less than friendly. Beast explains he was put under a curse by a witch and must make a true friend before all the coconuts on his tree fall off. He then traps Birdie in the castle until they become friends. Birdie tries to teach him how to be friends, but Beast's selfish nature causes problems and causes almost all of the coconuts to fall from the tree.

Birdie eventually sympathizes with Beast's plight and gives him a hug to cheer him up. Beast learns how to be a good friend by allowing Birdie to leave, seeing his point of view. The two then become friends, allowing Beast to change to his original form, which is exactly the same, only with neater hair.

He is made from the same monster puppet previously used as Enormous Athlete (coincidentally also performed by Bunch).