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Becky (Riki Lindhome).jpg
PERFORMER Riki Lindhome
DEBUT 2015

Becky is a young woman living in the Los Angeles area in the 2015 TV series The Muppets.

Beginning with the pilot, she is dating Fozzie Bear, and introduces him to her parents for the first time. Holly and Carl have a hard time understanding how the relationship can work, questioning how they'll raise their children. In "Too Hot to Handler", Fozzie reveals that their relationship is Fozzie's longest by twelve weeks (breaking the record of his previous longest relationship by eleven weeks).

At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Bill Prady stated that Becky's relationship with Fozzie would continue to be explored in the series.

In the original network presentation pilot, the role of Becky was played by Margo Harshman; for the actual series, the role was recast with Riki Lindhome taking on the role of Becky.