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Bedtime Stories & Songs title card.

Bedtime Stories & Songs is a 1986 Sesame Street direct-to-video compilation, released on VHS as part of the My Sesame Street Home Video label. The video was re-released with different segments under the new title of Sleepytime Songs & Stories in 1996, and on DVD in 2005.

The framing story involves Big Bird speaking to the audience, offering advice on the best ways to fall asleep, with many characters stopping by throughout the video.


Picture Segment Description

BS&S 1.jpg
FRAME 1 Big Bird welcomes the viewer from his nest, and he touts his sure-fire technique of getting comfortable and falling asleep. He tries settling into positions that prove not to be very comfy, and only work for birds. He then demonstrates a simpler method, which works so well, he falls asleep himself.
Muppets Ernie sings "Dance Myself to Sleep."
(First: Episode 1705)
BS&S 2a.jpg
FRAME 2 Mrs. Honker interrupts Big Bird's slumber because her baby can't sleep. Big Bird recommends a popular sleeping method: counting sheep. However, the baby Honker doesn't know how to count yet, so Big Bird suggests that they imagine the Count counting sheep.
Muppets The Count imagines a fence and counts sheep jumping over it.
Edited from part one of the two-part Ernie and Bert sketch where the Count sleeps over.
BS&S 2b.jpg
FRAME 2 cont'dβ€Ž To the mother's relief, the baby Honker has fallen asleep. She blows a kiss to Big Bird, who has also dozed off, and leaves.
Muppets Grover gets under his blanket, pretending that he is on the moon.
(First: Episode 1309)
New sound effects added
BS&S 3.jpg
FRAME 3 Big Bird is woken up again by Telly Monster, who reminds him about the sleepover they had planned. Telly hopes there's enough room in the nest, and Big Bird assures him that it'll just be themselves, plus Radar (in pajamas). Telly proceeds to fill the nest with a menagerie of stuffed animals that help him get to sleep.
Muppets Cookie Monster sings "If Moon Was Cookie."
(First: Episode 1789)
BS&S 4.jpg
FRAME 4 Telly finally reaches the end of his stuffed animal supply, which now buries him and Big Bird up to their necks. Big Bird segues to the "find-something-soft-to-cuddle-up-with" method, and dozes off again, as does Telly.
Muppets Maria tells the story of "The King's Problem."
(First: Episode 0407)
Insert Snuffy and Gordon sing "The Snuffle Lullabye."
(First: Episode 2099)
BS&S 5a.jpg

BS&S 5b.jpg
FRAME 5 Buster the Horse is bewildered at the way Big Bird and Telly are sleeping. Susan comes to the window, and Buster informs her of how a horse like him sleeps. Despite Susan's doubts, Buster sleeps while standing up on all fours.
Song Joe Raposo sings "Everybody Sleeps."
(First: Episode 0406)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie and Bert sing "Imagination."
(First: Episode 0493)
BS&S 6.jpg
FRAME 6 Big Bird observes that he and the viewer are the only ones up. He decides to restart his talk on sleeping methods, but he quickly drops off to sleep before he can finish. A lullaby version of the theme plays as the credits roll.


Picture Segment Description
Title card This is the replacement title card used on the later releases of the video, with new music and a re-dubbed voiceover by Caroll Spinney as Big Bird.
Cartoon Jerry Nelson sings "Moonshine."
(First: Episode 2775)
This song replaces the Grover segment on later releases.
Cartoon Anansi the Spider tells the story of how the sun and the moon came to live in the sky.
(First: Episode 3320)
This cartoon replaces "The King's Problem" story on later releases.
Song Joe Raposo sings "Everybody Sleeps." (re-filmed version)
(First: Episode 3026)
This version replaces the original on later releases.


  • The back cover of the original video release mentions Kermit the Frog among the list of featured characters, though he doesn't appear in the actual video.


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