Beetle Bailey is the eponymous star of a long-running comic strip by Mort Walker, which began in 1950, focusing on the mishaps of a recalcitrant army private. Beetle is characterized by his laziness, fear of Sergeant Orville Snorkel (Sarge), and lack of eyes, presumably hidden beneath his hat.

First animated in 1963 for a series by King Features, the character went on to appear in an insert on Sesame Street in 1974. First appearing in season 6, it involved Beetle being last for chow, and trying to find a way to be first. The short had no character dialogue, instead utilizing a string-music soundtrack and a rural accented narrator. (First: Episode 0666) Also appearing were Sarge, Zero, Killer Diller, Plato, and other strip regulars. This segment was included as a bonus segment in Old School: Volume 1.

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