On June 16, 2011, a teaser trailer for The Muppets was released to accompany the opening of Green Lantern.

The trailer parodies the look and feel of the theatrical Green Lantern feature film. The beginning of the trailer features a voice-over reminiscent of the Green Lantern oath, spoken by Kermit the Frog. A mock promo poster was also released featuring Kermit as a Green Lantern. He wears The Muppets movie logo as his chest emblem, and the poster's tagline reads "It's not easy being green."

Unlike the earlier viral campaigns for Green with Envy and The Fuzzy Pack, the Being Green parody trailer did not generate a separate Facebook page or YouTube account. In the trailer, Gary (Jason Segel) even comments on the fake trailer gag, exclaiming: "Wait, wait wait! Stop! Is this another Muppet trailer parody? Why don't we just show a real trailer? What are we hiding? Did we make the movie in Swedish or something?" The trailer ends clarifying that the film is "not in Swedish."

The trailer has had some airtime on other YouTube videos as one of the ads that are often played before a video.


The Muppets 'Being Green' Trailer

The Muppets 'Being Green' Trailer


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