Ward in episode 4204 as one of "Jack's Big Jump" spectators.

Belinda Ward (b. 1956) is a long-time Sesame Street writer.

Ward first made contact with Sesame Street in 1982 through executive producer, Dulcy Singer, who turned out to be her aunt's cousin. Ward approached her about a job in production since Ward had a job as a producer of TV and radio commercials, but Singer said there weren't any. However, Singer was looking for new writing talent since Sesame Street was airing 130 shows annually. Singer told Ward to spend a month studying the show and then write something for her. A month later, Ward returned with four inserts. Two of the inserts eventually aired on the show. For two years, Ward essentially auditioned for a spot on the writing staff and eventually found her way into the writing rotation.

In 2008, Ward briefly became one of the show's head writers for Season 39 with Lou Berger. She has scripted celebrity appearances on the show, including John Goodman, Diane Sawyer, and the New York Jets.[1]

Ward additionally served as head writer for The Furchester Hotel and wrote an episode of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss ("The Gink"). She also served as "Creative Consultant" for The Rosie O'Donnell Show on Sesame Street.

She also co-created Noggin's The Upside-Down Show with the comedy duo The Umbilical Brothers.

Ward is a graduate of Cornell and New York University, holding a Master's degree in Fiction Writing from the latter.

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Sesame Street episodes written by Ward include:[2]

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