"Benn Casey, Ben Casey..."

Ben Casey was a medical drama which ran on ABC from 1961 to 1966, focusing on the titular young surgeon. His mentor, Dr. Zorba, was known for his frizzy hair and tendency to give advice by uttering "Ben Casey, Ben Casey."


  • In the 1962 pilot Mad Mad World, Limbo appears to introduce a Ben Casey parody (but does not participate).
  • On the September 24, 1964 broadcast of The Jimmy Dean Show, Jimmy Dean attempts to explain why Rowlf has hiccups, prompting the dog to refer to him as "the Texas Ben Casey."


  • Sally Kellerman played Elaine Stone in "The Bark of a Three-Headed Hound" (1964) and Barbara Ames in "You Wanna Know What Really Goes on in a Hospital?" (1965)
  • Jerry Lewis directed and played Dr. Dennis Green in the episode "A Little Fun to Match the Sorrow" (1965)
  • Jack Warden played Dr. Charlie Kozelka in "The Big Trouble with Charlie" (1962) and O. B. Dodson in "I Hear America Singing" (1962)
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