Ben Hecker (b. 1948) is a German actor, working primarily in Hamburg, who voiced Baron Von Rottweiler in the German dub of Dog City. He also filled in as Oscar in certain Sesamstrasse projects (including the stage show Sei Mein Freund!). He appeared on-camera on Sesamstrasse in a filmed insert ("Antonia's Workshop") as a grandfather.

Hecker has acted in German film and television since the 1970s, including episodes of Tatort, Der Landarzt (The Country Doctor), and the chimpanzee sitcom Unser Charly. Internationally, he appeared in an episode of Steven Spielberg's Band of Brothers and as a fuel station clerk in the 2016 film Collide (with Ben Kingsley).

In dubbing, Hecker has lent his deep voice to Ving Rhames in Animal, James Earl Jones in Excessive Force and on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, J. K. Simmons in The Ladykillers, Dennis Haysbert on 24, Alun Armstrong on The Hollow Crown, Billy Dee Williams in Hard Times, and various actors (often blue-collar types) on Columbo.

In animation, Hecker dubbed Killer Croc and others on Batman: The Animated Series and spin-offs, Optimus Primal on Beast Wars, Captain Haddock on The Adventures of Tintin, Tug in Brother Bear, and Badger in The Wind in the Willows and The Willows in Winter. He has also been active in audio drama, playing Billy Bones in Treasure Island, multiple roles in The Three Investigators series and Ninjor in Masters of the Universe releases.

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