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Benjamina Gunn's handmaid
DEBUT 1996

Benjamina Gunn's handmaid is an attendant to Benjamina Gunn as seen in the Muppet Treasure Island CD-ROM game.

A pig with a French accent who resides on Treasure Island, she's first seen on the isle's shores after Spa'am introduces the arrival of the Queen of the Boars; she provides a ceremonial dance accompanied by percussion as a preamble to her sovereign's entrance.

Later, the handmaid welcomes Hawkins to the queen's hut where she delivers a message, "Earrings are such dear things; match them well, from shell to shell." She lurks around Benjamina's vanity while the player solves a puzzle.

The handmaid is one of the only female pig natives seen on the island. She bares a pair of distinct tusks and dresses lavishly in white feathers and a necklace.