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Benny Luggage.jpg
DEBUT 1990

Benny in his civilian outfit (no clothes).

Benny, hopping mad as a bellhop at The Furry Arms.

Benny Rabbit beanbag toy

Joe Ewers' illustration of Benny (with Elmo, Baby Natasha, and Humphrey) from Baby Natasha in "Say Cheese!"

Benny Rabbit is a cranky rabbit who serves as a bellhop for the Furry Arms hotel on Sesame Street. In one skit, Benny had a job working in a car rental place.

Benny is easily irritated and frequently yells at others. His outbursts are preceded by a variation of the comedic "slow-burn," as he grits his two front teeth until a small squeak is emitted. His personality is very similar to Oscar the Grouch, who shares similar character traits.

Benny seldom does anything nice for anyone and whenever someone asks him for a favor, he says he has to go downtown. He hates being touched and hugged, but his biggest pet peeve is when people address him as "Bunny" rather than Benny.

Benny first appeared in Sesame Street Episode 2730 (1990), originally as a Grouch rabbit in a magic act. He received a proper introduction in Episode 2815, and continued making sporadic appearances through season 24. In season 25, he was given a bigger role as the bellhop to the Furry Arms. After season 29, he made brief cameos in Elmo's World: Hats, Elmo's World: Teeth, a Global Grover segment about Australia, a Trash Gordon skit where Space Bunnies attack the valiant hero and most prominently in Bert & Ernie's Word Play as Prairie Dawn's assistant.

He occasionally performed songs such as "Do the Benny Hop," "14 Carrot Love," and "Don't Touch Me."


  • In Episode 3773, it is revealed that Benny has upwards of fourteen brothers and sisters, whose names include Cottontail, Mugsy, Curly, Moe, and Zeppo. Benny also keeps a collection of photos of his other relatives in his wallet; including his uncle Harvey (who's partially visible in the photo, referencing the Jimmy Stewart film Harvey), and his uncle Bobby who runs a hair salon. Most of his family have a striking resemblance to Benny himself.


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