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PERFORMER Joey Mazzarino
DEBUT 2006

Bernie Broccoli is a talking stalk of broccoli featured on Sesame Street. Bernie appeared primarily in Season 37 as part of the Healthy Habits for Life initiative, participating in interviews with kids about healthy eating. Bernie appeared to float in the air through the use of chroma-key, allowing the puppeteer to become invisible to the camera.

Joey Mazzarino's frustration with Bernie led to a new character:

β€œWe had been doing these pieces in which I, as a talking stalk of broccoli, was interviewing kids about healthy eating habits. And I thought, "This is ridiculous. Who wants to talk to broccoli?" When we started shooting that series again, I said, "Let me use this guy." We named him Murray, which was my grandfather's name.[1]”

The puppet has also appeared as an unnamed vegetable amid various choruses of singing vegetables.

Picture First Appearance Description
Episode 4115 Bernie asks Camaria questions about her favorite fruit.
Episode 4117 Bernie guesses Anthony's favorite vegetable.
Episode 4124 Bernie quizzes Pete about his favorite vegetable.
Episode 4128 Bernie asks Pete to demonstrate his favorite exercise, push-ups.

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