A collection of books that Bert has read. Sketch titles match the titles on the Ernie and Bert Sketches: Apartment page.

Picture Title / Sketch Quote/Notes
All About Air
Discovery of Air
"Air is all around us, but we can't see it... One way we know that air is there is when we see it move things. Air moves things like sailboats, and kites, and pinwheels."
Bonfire of the Oatmeal
In order not to disturb Bert while reading, Ernie wears headphones to listen to the radio. Now Bert can't hear anything... except Ernie singing along very loudly.
Boring Stories
Ernie's Disguise Kit
At one point, the prince drinks a glass of water.

This book also appears in the 1979 Little Golden Book The Many Faces of Ernie.
Ernie Uses His Senses
"There were only 24 Peach Ripple bottlecaps ever made."
Cooking with Oatmeal
Glass of water
"For Oatmeal Surprise, just take twelve cups of oatmeal, melba toast and an avocado..."
Cooking with Oatmeal
Rhyming Game
"Take four cups of oatmeal, two pitted mangoes... buttermilk..."
Cooking with Oatmeal Fresh Prince
Cooking with Oatmeal
Fresh Prince parody
The Face of the Tiger
What's in Ernie's clothes
Ernie pulls Bert away from his book to guess what body part is covered by his winter gear.
Feathered Fairy Tales
Ernie's Guess What I Am Game
"Mama Pigeon said... Someone's been eating my birdseed. And the Baby Pigeon said, 'Someone's been eating my birdseed, and they ate it allll up."
Fifty Shades of Oatmeal
Episode 4425
"1. Beige, 2. Tan. (Wow, this is steamy stuff!) 3. Ecru."
Bert's books Goodnight Pigeon
Goodnight Pigeon
Milton Bradley puzzle
Bert ignores his peers at a sleepover.
Bert's books - Guide to the Stars' Homes
Guide to the Stars' Homes
Milton Bradley puzzle
Bert consults an astronomy book while Ernie gazes at the night sky through a telescope.
History of Oatmeal
(by Molly MacGruel)
Episode 4034
"What is better than a piping, hot bowl of oatmeal? History tells us...lumpy oatmeal has its roots in the Industrial Revolution...the railroad brought oatmeal to the West...Chapter 5: Aviation, Oatmeal and the Impressionists."
Little Red Riding Hood
Taking Turns
"Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wore a red cape, so they called her Little Red Riding Hood."
Math and Me
Count on Sports
Bert: "What a way to spend the day. A book, some math, and me."
My Pigeon Book
My Pigeon Book
Play with Me Sesame
Bert: "I'm having fun reading My Pigeon Book."
Out and In
Out and In
Bert: "It's full of in-jokes."
Friends watching
Through his binoculars, Ernie observes Bert reading his book, even though he's closer to Bert than he need to be.
Bert book pigeon jokes
Pigeon Joke Book[1]
Bert reads from his pigeon joke book
Bert tries out some jokes on Ernie before killing it with the pigeons in the park. He can't wait to go home and try them out on Bernice and Arnold.
Pigeon Jones Diary
Read a Story Day
Bert tell us he is reading a great book called "Pigeon Jones Diary." Then he tell us that it is Read a Story Day and that there is a playlist filled with stories, videos, and games. While we look at the playlist, he is going to read his book.
Pigeons in Space
Pretend Swimming
"It's about this pigeon mission and it's about to land on Mars..."
Pigeons of the World[1]
Elmo's World: Eyes
"The pigeons of Pisa eat Italian breadcrumbs." ("I guess that makes sense.")
The Pigeon Whisperer[1]
Dancing Monsters
"And the mystical Pigeon Whisperer whispered mystically to the pigeon... 'Coo... coo...'"
The Secret Life of Pigeons
Ernie Walks Forwards and Backwards
"And the pigeon stood, and looked into the sky, and said, 'I'll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.'"
Play with Me Sesame
Mr. Sock pulls Bert away from his book to play Perfect Pair.
A Tale of Two Breakfasts
Bert copies the drums
Best Friends
"It was the best of oatmeals, it was the worst of oatmeals..."
A Tale of Two Pigeons[1]
"Adding, Adding, Adding"
"They were the best of pigeons, they were the worst of pigeons..."
A Tale of Two Pigeons
Music and Reading
"It was the best of times for pigeons, it was the worst of times for pigeons..."
The Wonderful World of Paper Clips
Scared Bert
"The largest paperclip collection in the Western hemisphere is in Muskegon, Michigan. Paperclips come in various sizes...see exotic paperclips from foreign lands in volume four..."
Bert Is "It"
Ernie plays a game of tag with Bert, who is reading his book.
Bert book umbrella
Ernie Prepares for a Flood at the Library
Bert doesn't mention what his book is about, but becomes perturbed when Ernie leaves an umbrella handle right in the middle of a sentence.
Bert's books - Ernie's book
Ernie's Book
After Ernie keeps Bert up reading his book, Bert can't help but to start reading it himself.
Guess That Animal Sound
Although no text is recited, the book is interesting enough that a lion breaks into Ernie and Bert's apartment to borrow it.
"In My Book"
The story involves a lion, a tiger, an alligator, a pirate, and a sorcerer.
Elmo's World: Skin
Ernie is wearing a blindfold and feels things with his hands, then guesses what they are.
Reading and Exercise
Bert reads a very humorous book while Ernie tries to get him to exercise with him.
Looking for Five
"...and then the goose said, 'Take a gander at this!'"
Ernie says play with a book
Play with Me Sesame
Bert's book features steaming oatmeal on the cover; Ernie borrows it to show hot to play with a book.


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