Book.Best Friends.jpg
Written by Catherine Daly
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 2000
Publisher Simon Spotlight
ISBN 0689834535

Best Friends is a Bear in the Big Blue House storybook. It is a direct adaptation of the episode "Friends at Play."

Ojo has been looking forward to a visit from her best friend Christine. When Christine arrives at the Big Blue House, they start playing pillow-fort. Tutter asks them both to play a game of checkers and is shocked when Ojo says that she's playing with her "best friend" Christine. Bear helps him to see that it's possible to have more than one best friend. Meanwhile, Bear also helps Pip and Pop when they get upset that Treelo doesn't want to play their game.

This book combines photos of the characters with soft pastel illustrations.

Best Friends is the first of seven stories included in the compilation book Bear's Storytime Favorites.

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