Beverley Owen, faced with the hard-sell tactics of the La Choy Dragon

Beverley Owen (b. 1937) is an actress who played Marilyn Munster in the first season of the sitcom The Munsters, and was subsequently replaced by Pat Priest. She also acted in commercials, including a 1967 La Choy supermarket spot, as a mother uncertain of how to feed ten hungry Cub Scouts, whose problem is solved by Delbert the La Choy Dragon.

Born Beverley Ogg in Ottumwa, Iowa, she moved to New York City to pursue an acting career, and early on worked as a typist, first briefly for Ed Sullivan, and then for a longer stint on Captain Kangaroo. While working on the latter series, she met future Sesame Street writer/director Jon Stone. Upon her departure from the The Munsters in 1964, Owen and Stone were wed. They would divorce in 1974.

Owen also served stints on soap operas, playing Linda Elliott on As the World Turns (1961-1964) and Dr. Paula McCrea in Another World (1971-1972). Following her divorce, she retired from acting.

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