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The Kermit costume with Ian Ziering (in the Zorro costume) and Jennie Garth (in the witch costume) on Beverly Hills 90210.

Beverly Hills, 90210 is a prime-time soap opera which ran on FOX from 1990 to 2000. The show was set in Beverly Hills, California and focused on a group of rich teenagers that originally went to West Beverly High School.


Muppet Mentions

  • In the second season episode "Halloween", a guest at the Halloween party is wearing a costume of Kermit the Frog with an orange collar. Other costumes also featured in the episode: ALF, Leonardo and Donatello.
  • In the second season episode "Wedding Bell Blues" Donna, Brenda, and Kelly are trying on their bridesmaid dresses, and Jackie Taylor is trying on her bridal gown. Jackie Taylor complains about having gained weight (1 dress size in 2 weeks), so that "I look like Miss Piggy." Donna tries to reassure her that she looks beautiful: "A beautiful Miss Piggy."
  • In the third season episode "She came in through the bathroom window", Dylan, Steve, and a woman named Ginger (who turns out to be a false identity) are trying to speak to Burt Reynolds (who has a cameo later in the episode). They end up doing a mouthwash commercial dressed as green bacteria, and Dylan says "I started the day studying for my S.A.T.'s, and now, look! I'm Kermit the Frog!"


  • Jessica Alba played Leanne in "The Nature of Nurture" and "Making Amends" (1998)
  • Eugene Byrd played Robinson Ashe III in "Ashes to Ashes" (1991)
  • Jason Carter played Roy Randolph in five episodes (1994)
  • Jennie Garth played Kelly Taylor
  • Eva Longoria played Flight Attendant #3 in "I Will Be Your Father Figure" (2000)
  • Chris Marquette played Alex in "Fearless" (1996)
  • Nancy O'Dell played herself in "Withdrawal" (1999)
  • Jenny O'Hara played Pam Scanlon in "The Next Fifty Years" (1991) and "A Presumption of Innocence" (1992)
  • Denise Richards played Robin McGill in "Wedding Bell Blues" (1992)
  • Melissa Rivers played an actress in "Fame is where you find it" (1991)
  • Richard Roundtree played Robinson Ashe Jr. in "Ashes to Ashes" (1991)
  • Alex Trebek played himself in one episode in 1995.
  • Fred Travalena played a club owner in "Ever Heard the One About the Exploding Father?" (2000)
  • Ian Ziering played Steve Sanders
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