Characters and alter-egos assumed by Big Bird in Muppet productions.

Picture Name / Production Notes
Mr. Hooper
Sesame Street
Big Bird impersonates Mr. Hooper.
The Blue Bird of Happiness
Follow That Bird
After being caught by the Sleaze Brothers, Big Bird is painted blue and forced to perform as the Blue Bird of Happiness.
I'm Glad I'm Me - Big Bird
Prince Charmingbird
I'm Glad I'm Me
Big Bird as a prince
The Great Ninetini
Sesame Street
A magician who performs tricks using the number 19. Big Bird poses as Ninetini in Episode 2970, Episode 3116 and Episode 3421.
Yellow Avenger
Sesame Street Episode 3043
A super hero who does a super deeds, such as by picking up litter and placing it in the trash can.
Big Fish
Sesame Street Episode 3161
Big Bird pretends to be Wanda's huge friend, Big Fish, to scare Wolfgang.
Peter's Grandfather
Elmo's Musical Adventure: Peter and the Wolf