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Characters and alter-egos assumed by Big Bird in Muppet productions.

Picture Name / Production Notes
Verybig Bird
Sesame Street Episode 0246
Big Bird pretends to be his own father "Verybig Bird" in an attempt to fool Tom.
Mr. Hooper
Sesame Street Episode 0273
Big Bird impersonates Mr. Hooper.
Big Bird as Sherlock Hemlock 0273.jpg
Sherlock Hemlock
Sesame Street Episode 0273
Big Bird pretends to be Sherlock Hemlock.
Bluebird of Happiness.jpg
Bluebird of Happiness
Follow That Bird
After being caught by the Sleaze Brothers, Big Bird is painted blue and forced to perform as the Bluebird of Happiness.
I'm Glad I'm Me - Big Bird.jpg
Prince Charmingbird
I'm Glad I'm Me
Big Bird as a prince
Big-2 Bird-2.jpg
Big-2 Bird-2
Sesame Street Episode 2464
As an homage to R2-D2, Big Bird plays through a a brief Star Wars parody with Anna.
The Great Ninetini
Sesame Street
A magician who performs tricks using the number 19. Big Bird poses as Ninetini in Episode 2970, Episode 3116 and Episode 3421.
3161 Big Bird as Wanda Cousteau.jpg
Big Fish
Sesame Street Episode 3161
Big Bird pretends to be Wanda's huge friend, Big Fish, to scare Wolfgang.
Peter and the Wolf Big Bird Grandfather.jpg
Peter's Grandfather
Peter and the Wolf
Peter's grandfather is played by Big Bird in Baby Bear's imagination.
Mother Goose
Big Bird plays Mother Goose in Big Bird's Mother Goose, View-Master Nursery Rhymes, and The Sesame Street Players Present Mother Goose.

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