Big Bird's Court is a play area located at Sesame Place. The area includes many "classic" interactive attractions which have been part of the park since opening in 1980.

The Nets 'n' Climb (first opened in 1980, but since expanded) are a large series of cargo nets that span three stories high. With hundreds of yards of cargo netting connected by 200 feet of suspended net tunnels, this webbed world is open for visitors of all ages.

Ernie's Bed Bounce, a giant bed shaped moon-bounce, is located in the court and has been a part of the park since opening.

The Monster Maze is a "forest of lightweight punching bags" designed to look like Monsters. Visitors are allowed to run and "fight" their way through the monsters.

Cookie Mountain, part of the area since 1980, is a bright blue vinyl cone that allows visitors (under age 7) to climb, slip, slide and battle their way to the top just to slide back down again.

The area also included The Count's Ballroom, a two-foot-deep pool of 80,000 lightweight green plastic balls, which was part of the area when the park opened. It has since closed to make way for pools of actual water.

The area also is home to a large outdoor dining area (beneath the nets).