Premiered  August 26, 1999
Written by  Luis Santeiro

Big Bird's Sunny Day Camp Out is a 1999 Sesame Street Live show.

Big Bird and Snuffy go on a camping trip and are soon accompanied by the rest of the Sesame Street gang. They try to go camping in many places including Snuffy's cave, the Count's castle, Bert and Ernie's apartment, the roof of 123 Sesame Street, and Elmo's World.

Production notes

Sesame Street Live productions are limited to 17 performers per show. As Snuffy is built for two performers, only 16 characters appeared. While most productions have three "silent full-bodied under-studies", essentially dispensable Anything Muppets that can be removed from a production if a replacement performer is needed, this show had four such characters.

As the 20th anniversary SSL show, many traditional songs from the television show were sung (except for the Sesame Street Theme, although the tune for the theme can be heard in the opening number). In addition, some songs were created just for the show, including "Telephone Talk," and "This Cave is Jumpin'."

This is the only Sesame Street Live show that will not be revamped for another tour season.


Big Bird, Snuffleupagus, Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Count von Count, Grover, Rosita, Telly Monster, Honkers, Prairie Dawn, Jodie





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