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Written by Tish Sommers
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1986
Publisher Western Publishing
Series A Growing-Up Book
ISBN 0307120198

Big Bird Goes to the Doctor is a 1986 Sesame Street storybook featuring Big Bird.

On a summer day, while Grover is showing everyone his new tricycle, Granny Bird comes to pick up Big Bird for his checkup. Hiding behind the lamppost, Big Bird tells Granny that he feels fine and doesn't need to go. She tells him that she knows he isn't sick, but he needs to go so the doctor can check his height and weight, and other things.

When they arrive they run into Herry Monster and his baby sister Flossie, who was also getting a checkup. Prairie Dawn asks Big Bird if he'd like to play while they both wait in the waiting room, and in no time it is Big Bird's turn to see the doctor.

Nurse Nightingale brings Big Bird into Dr. Staywell's examination room. Soon the doctor comes in asks Big Bird a few questions before being interrupted by Nurse Nightingale, who calls the Doctor away to check on Grover, who has fallen off his tricycle and injured his arm.

When the Doctor returns, she goes through the checkup with Big Bird, and as she finishes is called into another examination room where Cookie Monster has a stomach ache from eating an entire box of chocolate cupcakes.

Visiting Hooper's Store when they return, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Grover tell David about their visit, and Cookie Monster orders two cupcakes.


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