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Written by Sharon Lerner
Illustrator Joe Mathieu
Published 1985
Publisher Random House
Series Step into Reading: A Step 1 Book (first issue)
ISBN 0394874994

Big Bird Says... is a 1985 Sesame Street book for early readers, published in 1985 as part of the Step into Reading series. It was originally published as Step 1, and later re-issued as Step 2.

Big Bird invites the reader to play a game of "Big Bird Says", which takes the form of a rhyme. Big Bird and his Sesame friends illustrate the actions that the reader should take, which quickly go from easy:

"Big Bird says to touch your nose. Shut your eyes. Then touch your toes."

to difficult:

"Pull a wagon. Bounce a ball. Walk on stilts five feet tall."

to silly:

"Big Bird says to catch a goose. Find someone whose tooth is loose."

The illustrations feature a variety of Sesame characters, including Grover, Betty Lou, Grover's Mommy, Frazzle and Barkley, among others.