Big Bird Sings! is a 1995 Sesame Street video compilation featuring classic Big Bird songs. The frame scenes feature Big Bird looking through his scrapbook and recalling favorite moments, as expressed in song.



Picture Segment Description

FRAME 1 Mr. Snuffleupagus strolls down to Big Bird's nest to see the scrapbook Big Bird made. The book is filled with all of his favorite things; pictures of the places he's been to, things that he made, and souvenirs. Big Bird first shows his four collection, where Snuffy notices a photograph of Big Bird holding a microphone, thinking he's going to talk about the number four. However, Big Bird actually does something different; he sings about it.
Song Big Bird sings "I Just Adore Four" with The Tarnish Brothers.
(First: Episode 0734)
FRAME 2 Snuffy, amazed by Bird's brilliance, is anxious to see the rest of his scrapbook. Big Bird turns to the next page which has memories from his trip to Japan, where he learned how to count and say phrases in Japanese by singing...
Song "Ichi, Ni, San"
from Big Bird in Japan
FRAME 3 Big Bird turns to the next page which is about his visit to school, a time when he felt shy because he didn't know anyone. So, he practiced introducing himself to a wastebasket, pretending that it was a kid, while doing something that made him feel much better: singing.
Song "What's Your Name"
(First: Episode 1446)
FRAME 4 Big Bird flips through a few pages covering other places he's been to (Puerto Rico and China) before landing on a page that includes a picture of the playground. Snuffy bets his last cabbage that Big Bird's not there to slide down the slide, but rather to sing instead.
Song Big Bird gives a riddle, in the form of "Big Bird's Song", to Elmo, Zoe and The Kids.
(First: Episode 3246)
FRAME 5 Big Bird turns to the next page which has pictures of him with Savion, Gina and The Squirrelles. Snuffy rightfully assumes that Big Bird likes to sing with them too.
Song Savion, Gina and Big Bird play "Rhyme Out".
(First: Episode 2979)
Song The Squirrelles sing "Big Bird Doesn't Fly".
(First: Episode 3249)
FRAME 6 Big Bird turns to another page which is about his visit with the Crow Indians in Montana. Snuffy observes a picture of Big Bird and a horse, to which Big Bird questions "why ride a horse when you can sing to it?"
Song Big Bird sings "What a Gift."
(First: Episode 2884)
FRAME 7 Whether riding on his rollerskates or with an amazing string of letters, Big Bird sings because it makes him feel good.
Song Big Bird sings "ABC-DEF-GHI."
(First: Episode 2266)
Song Big Bird sings about "Wheels on My Feet" while roller skating down the street.
(First: Episode 1483)
FRAME 8 When turning to the next page, Big Bird and Snuffy both recall the time they used a map to get to Hooper's Store, while singing, of course.
Song Big Bird and Snuffy sing "Map Song" on the way to Hooper's.
(First: Episode 2830)
FRAME 9 Finally, Big Bird and Snuffy come to the end of the scrapbook and wonder what to do next. Suddenly, they have a terrific idea: "Sing!"

Lyrics are displayed on-screen while a clip montage plays. An instrumental version of "Sing" plays over the credits.

DVD chapters

  1. Big Bird's Scrapbook
  2. I Just Adore Four
  3. Ichi Ni San
  4. What's Your Name
  5. Big Bird's Song
  6. Rhyme Out
  7. Big Bird Doesn't Fly
  8. What a Gift
  10. Wheels on My Feet
  11. Map Song
  12. Sing



Muppet Performers

Uncredited Vocals



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