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Written by Emily Perl Kingsley
Illustrator Mel Crawford (first edition)
A. Delaney (reissue)
Published 1977
Publisher Golden Press
Series A Golden Shape Book
ISBN 0307100731

Big Bird and Little Bird's Big & Little Book is a Sesame Street storybook featuring Big Bird and Little Bird.

In the book, Big Bird talks about the big things that he likes, while Little Bird talks about the little things that he likes. But there's one little thing that Big Bird likes, and one big thing that Little Bird likes -- each other.

Other versions

The first edition, published in 1977, was illustrated by Mel Crawford. Golden Press published a second edition of the book in 1983, with illustrations by A. Delaney. (ASIN B00128Q60C)

The book was also recorded in 1986 by Caroll Spinney as part of the "Big Bird StoryMagic" toy set. The recording includes new versions of "Big and Little Song" and "Feathered Friends."


  • The cover artwork for this book was used on the original VHS release of Three Sesame Street Stories in 1985, although it is not one of the three stories. Illustrations of Little Bird (and a couple of shots of Big Bird) were taken from the 1983 version of the book, as well as I Think That It Is Wonderful, and added to the Everyone Makes Mistakes story (both also illustrated by A. Delaney), to pad it out to an extended length with dialogue between Big Bird and Little Bird.