Walk-around version of Big Bird created for public appearances including Sesame Street Live and Sesame Place. Big Bird first appeared in walk-around form in the Ice Follies in 1974. The standard design, introduced in 1980 in Sesame Street Live, wears a red and blue striped necktie. Other times, he wears a white tuxedo shirt. Big Bird made his debut at Sesame Place in 1986.

Outside of Sesame Place, Big Bird also appears at SeaWorld parks, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios Singapore, and Beaches Resorts. Big Bird occasionally appears at Universal Studios Japan (since 2003), and also appeared at the now defunct Tokyo Sesame Place. Big Bird formerly appeared at Sea World in Queensland, Australia.

Ice Follies (1974-80)

Big Bird as he appeared in the Ice Follies. Fabricated by the Muppet Workshop.

Muppet Workshop (1980s)

Big Bird as he appeared in Sesame Street Live and Sesame Place during the 1980s, fabricated by the Muppet Workshop. Big Bird made his debut at Sesame Place in 1986.

VStar & Animax (Current)

Big Bird currently maintained by VStar Entertainment (nee VEE Corporation) and Animax Designs.

Seasonal/special attire


  • Although he closely resembles his television counterpart, the Big Bird walk-around is not a working puppet; a string is attached from underneath his beak to his left wing allowing the performer to use both hands to operate Big Bird's hands. The necktie only serves as a means to hide the vision hole in Big Bird's neck, as there is no monitor inside the costume.
  • As of 1985, the Big Bird costume cost $30,000.[1]


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