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PERFORMER Jeff Moss voice
DEBUT 1971

Big Jeffie in his Alphabeat outfit.


Big Jeffie wearing his later fashions in Episode 2452.

Big Jeffie is a member of Little Jerry and the Monotones on Sesame Street, singing bass vocals for the group. He was named after Jeff Moss, who usually provided his voice and wrote many of the group's songs. In Little Jerry's introduction to the song "Four" (the earliest mention of Big Jeffie's name), he's defined as the last "and least" important singer in the band.

Big Jeffie made his debut with Little Jerry and the Monotones in "Mad." In "Mountain of Love," the Pumpkin Monotone is used for the character instead.

Big Jeffie sometimes filled in as a member of Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats. He featured in "Startin' Kindergarten," "I Go to School," and "Gonna Rock You to Sleep." He and Little Chrissy appeared together in several episodes during seasons 21 through 23, being joined by Elmo on two occasions.

Beginning in the late 1980s, Big Jeffie began donning a leather jacket. During his gigs with Little Chrissy, it was replaced with a red Alphabeat shirt. In Episode 3898 (2000), during Little Jerry and the Monotones' comeback performance, it is revealed that he plays piano.

Performer history[]

On occasion, a Muppet performer has voiced the character instead of Jeff Moss. Jerry Nelson performed the puppet (unnamed) in several season 2 segments: "R" Quickies, "The Word," Grover "Walk" Bit, R-UN Bit, and "The Garden." Frank Oz performed the puppet in "Seven Days" and the season 2 remake of "Before and After." Jim Henson performed the puppet in another sketch demonstrating scatting.

Jerry Nelson can also be heard singing Big Jeffie's vocals in the songs "Danger" and "Telephone Rock," recorded in season 6 after Moss's temporary departure from the show. Kevin Clash performed Big Jeffie in Episode 2452, in which Little Jerry and the Monotones visit Sesame Street.


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