PERFORMER Jeff Moss voice
DEBUT 1971

Big Jeffy in his Alphabeat outfit.


Big Jeffy, in his revised wardrobe, on piano in 2000.

Big Jeffy is a member of Little Jerry and the Monotones on Sesame Street, singing bass vocals for the group. He was named after Jeff Moss, who usually provided his voice and wrote many of the group's songs. His original character design was based off a recurring nameless Hippie character from season 1.

Big Jeffy has also appeared as a member of Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats, in place of the Lavender Alphabeat, in the songs "Startin' Kindergarten," "I Go to School" and "Gonna Rock You to Sleep." Him and Little Chrissy often appeared together as a duo in street scenes in the late 80s/early 90s, including some numbers with Elmo.

He has also appeared without Little Jerry or Little Chrissy in the 1987 special A Muppet Family Christmas, as a background character.

Although the actual puppet was absent, Big Jeffy can be heard in the song "Mountain of Love", with his vocals lip-synched by the Pumpkin Monotone.

On occasion, a Muppet performer has voiced Big Jeffy in place of Moss. Jerry Nelson performed him in a sketch where the Monotones assist Grover in displaying the word "walk." Nelson can also be heard as Jeffy in the songs "Telephone Rock" and "Danger." Jim Henson performed Big Jeffy in another sketch demonstrating scatting. Kevin Clash also performed him in Episode 2452 where Little Jerry visits the street.

Beginning in the late 1980s, Big Jeffy began donning a leather jacket. During his gigs with Little Chrissy, it was replaced with a red Alphabeat shirt. In a 2000 episode during Little Jerry and the Monotones' comeback, it is revealed that he knows how to play piano.

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