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Songs from Dinosaurs
Released 1992
Format CD
Label Walt Disney Records
Cat no. 60848-2

Big Songs is a 1992 album based on the Dinosaurs series and characters. This album was produced by Ray Colcord, who co-wrote most of the songs.

A promotional poster spoofed The Beatles's Abbey Road. The image was also used on a t-shirt print.

The album features the show's regular cast performing, including Stuart Pankin (Earl), Jessica Walter (Fran), Jason Willinger (Robbie), Sally Struthers (Charlene), Kevin Clash (Baby Sinclair), Sam McMurray (Roy), Florence Stanley (Grandma Ethyl), Sherman Hemsley (B.P. Richfield), Christopher Meloni (Spike) and Suzie Plakson (Monica DeVertebrae). The Refrigerator Creatures are voiced by puppeteers Bill Barretta, Julianne Buescher, Michelan Sisti, Leif Tilden and Mak Wilson.

Track listing

  1. I'm a Dinosaur (I Can Do Whatever I Want) - Baby Sinclair
  2. In a Perfect World - Charlene Sinclair
  3. I Wanna Be King - Robbie Sinclair, Spike
  4. Grandma's Comin' - Earl Sinclair
  5. Stone Age Bayou - Monica DeVertebrae
  6. I'm the Baby (Gotta Love Me) - Baby Sinclair
  7. Coldblooded Guy - B.P. Richfield
  8. He's a Lizard - Fran Sinclair, Ethyl Phillips
  9. Poor Slobs with Terrible Jobs - Earl Sinclair, Roy Hess, B.P. Richfield
  10. Eon After Eon (A Dinosaur Love Song)
  11. Be a Herbivore - Refrigerator Creatures, Earl Sinclair
  12. Snoozin' Time - Fran Sinclair

Other releases

  • 60848-0 (Walt Disney cassette)


  • Album produced by Ray Colcord
  • Executive Producers: Michael Jacobs and Harold J. Kleiner
  • Creative Consultant: Bob Young
  • Album arranged by Ray Colcord, Richard Bellis, Jimmy Bryant and Randy Kerber
  • Vocal arrangements by Jon Joyce, Susan Boyd and Ray Colcord
  • Engineered by Jim Hill and Avi Kipper
  • Cover illustration by David Christensen
  • Music Contractor: John Rosenberg
  • Background vocals: Jon Joyce, Susan Boyd, Debbie Hall, Gloria Bellis, Patti Brooks, Alex Brown, Randy Crenshaw, Donna Davidson, Jimmy Haas, David Joyce and Joe Pizzulo
  • Additional vocals: Susan Boyd, Chuck D., Phillip Ingram, Shaun Mariani