PERFORMER Leslie Carrara-Rudolph voice
DEBUT 2015

Big Tomato appears in the "Elmo the Musical" segment, "Tomato the Musical."

Sprouting on Farmer Elmo's farm, the Big Tomato wants to be the biggest tomato there ever was. Farmer Elmo provides her with some water, which helps her grow larger and larger until she splits off her stem. A barker turns their attention to the local "Big, Bigger, Biggest County Fair," where it'd be determined whether or not she's the biggest tomato. As they approach the fair, they're stopped by Horatio the Elephant, who sees her as a meal fit for a large elephant. As he chaser her around, Elmo imagines up a giant peanut for him to munch instead.

At the fair, the judge is floored at the sight of Big Tomato, having not seen a tomato so large. By comparing her to some other tomatoes, she declares Big Tomato to be the biggest tomato in the world and awards her an equally big ribbon.