PERFORMER Billy Connolly
DEBUT 1996

Billy Bones is the drunken, wizened resident of the Admiral Benbow Inn in Muppet Treasure Island. An inveterate teller of tales, Bones spends his days recalling his time as a member of Captain Flint's crew, before Blind Pew, Black Dog, and other old shipmates seek him out.

The already nervy Bones, terrified of the one-legged man, is further distressed by the receipt of the Black Spot. The captain entrusts the map to Jim Hawkins (as well as giving him, Gonzo, and Rizzo a warning about running with pointy objects), but dies soon after of a heart attack (in the original novel, Bones dies of a stroke). Billy Bones also possesses a Scottish accent (a trait not mentioned in the original novel).

In the CD-ROM game Bones wanders in despair for the rest of the Admiral Benbow Inn campaign rather than dying as he does in the film.

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