Written by Jeff Moss

In the "Birthday Rhyme Game", Big Bird and Maria play a game where Big Bird has to finish a rhyming couplet about things related to a birthday party. The first one says that "you have a birthday once a..." Big Bird incorrectly guesses "week", then "month", and finally, he correctly guesses "year". The next one says that "when your birthday comes, you're one year...", and Big Bird guesses "younger", "taller", "happier", and finally, "older". The next one is about not getting "a tummyache, when you eat ice cream and chocolate..." At first, Big Bird guesses "birdseed" (he tells Maria that birds love it at parties), but then guesses "cake". Then Big Bird has one for Maria. He says that he likes sparrows and pheasants, and also "opening birthday...", and she answers, "presents". Maria's last couplet says, "Birthday parties are lots of fun, but now our rhyming game is...", and Big Bird answers, "silly." Then he tries "hard", and "terrific", before correctly answering "done".