PERFORMER Warrick Brownlow-Pike
DEBUT 2016

Biscuit Monster is the British cousin of Cookie Monster. He appears in The Furchester Hotel episode "Cookie Confusion," staying at the hotel on holiday, having heard his cousin was employed there. He resembles Cookie Monster in appearance (save for a fancy hat), speech patterns (referring to himself as "me") and love for cookies (which he calls "biscuits").

He initially arrives at the Furchester unseen by any of the regular staff, except for Furgus, who believes he is Cookie Monster. He notices a plate of cookies on the front desk, which he is told is for guests. He helps himself and puts all the cookies in his briefcase, then heads to his room. Only Isabel is witness to this, but a towel obscures her view of the sole differentiator between him and Cookie Monster.

As Cookie Monster takes the blame, Biscuit Monster gobbles the cookies down in his room and heads back for the next batch. The gang eventually finds their way to his room, as Cookie Monster follows the cookie scent, but find he's gone, leaving nothing but crumbs. The two monsters catch the smell of Gonger's next batch and meet face-to-face at the desk. They recognize each other and have a nice reunion, with Cookie explaining his cousin's identity. Biscuit Monster apologizes for his misdeeds and snacks down with his cousin as a reward.

See also

  • Cookie Hood, who caused a similar situation for Cookie Monster
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