PERFORMER Åsmund Huser
DEBUT 1991

Bjarne Betjent is a character on Sesam Stasjon, the Norwegian co-production of Sesame Street, which takes place in a train station. Bjarne is the ticket master at the station. A neat, organized person, he loves letters and numbers -- particularly numbers. He's often seen counting things, for no other reason than a genuine fondness for the process of counting, and one of his worst (imagined) tragedies involves suddenly losing a number in the middle of the counting so that he'll never be able to proceed.

Bjarne is somewhat of a worrywart. He scares easily, and has a sometimes pessimistic outlook on things. He's also the only character in the show to ever have his age specifically stated; in one episode he celebrates his twentieth birthday.

Bjarne was one of the several international co-production characters to appear in the Sesame Street special, Sesame Street Stays Up Late as one of MNN's reporters from Norway. Kevin Clash dubbed the English dialogue for him in his appearance.

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