Rowlf Black-ish

"Are the cameras gonna be following you everywhere?"

Black-ish is an ABC sitcom that premiered in 2014. It follows the exploits of an upper-middle-class family living in Sherman Oaks, California.


  • Promos for The Muppets featured the Muppets with cast members Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson referencing their show. Ross and Anderson quiz Rowlf the Dog on all the places his show will follow him, including their dressing room and bathroom. Realizing his situation, Rowlf asks the pair if their show is safe from prowling cameras, and asks them if they need a dog.


  • In the episode "Rich Youngsta," Dre does a commercial for a rapper, Rich Youngsta that he shows to his agent, he then tells Dre he talked to him about more sponsorships, and even a guest spot on Sesame Street, Dre responds "With Elmo?" to which Rich Youngsta responds "with all of those furry fuzzy motherfuckers, man"
  • In the episode "Inheritance," Rhonda forbids her brother Dre from eating in her car, when he questions if this is a rule, she replies "No, you just eat like Cookie Monster."


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