These brief Muppet Show sketches, which may or may not have had a proper name on the show, took place in front of a backdrop that had a fountain painted on it. These skits featured a guest star and some Muppets. They lasted the first season.

Individual Sketches


Juliet Prowse and a fur stole

  • Zoot's Question
Zoot has a question for Juliet Prowse: "What's red, long, fuzzy and has one eye?" Juliet doesn't know - neither does Zoot - but it's a Muppet Monster that she's wearing as a boa.

Joel Grey, Gonzo, and a banana

  • Figures of Speech
Joel Grey has gotten a new car and offers to take Gonzo for a "spin", but Gonzo takes him literally.
  • Break a Leg
Jim Nabors wishes Animal luck by telling him to "break a leg".
  • Sweetums Falls for Florence
Sweetums literally falls for Florence Henderson.
  • The Tallest Person on the Show
Paul Williams explains that one reason he agreed to be a guest star is that it gives him the chance to be the tallest person on the show. Sweetums, Thog, and one of the Mutations prove him wrong.
  • Chicken March
T.R. the Rooster leads the Muppet chickens, and a chicken-suit-clad Harvey Korman, in a march.
  • The Lost Key
Lena Horne tries to ask Animal where her key is, until he uses a mallet to smash her foot.
  • A Big Charge
Ben Vereen gets sent flying onto the rafters by Crazy Harry's explosion.
  • Pocket Camera
Phyllis Diller has her own pocket camera. When Gonzo asks what pictures she took, they were of pockets.
  • Need a Hand?
Vincent Price has to carry a load of wardrobe. Sweetums offers to give him a hand.
  • Mouse in My Dressing Room
Ethel Merman tells Hilda about a mouse in her dressing room, and wonders whether she's on a show or in a zoo... then she meets Animal.
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