PERFORMER Steve Whitmire
DEBUT 1994

Blarney is a hand-puppet character on Dinosaurs, intended as a spoof of Barney the Dinosaur. He appeared in Dinosaur TV segments in two fourth season episodes -- "Terrible Twos" and "Into the Woods."

Blarney is adored by young children but is less popular with older viewers. He appears on videotapes released as part of the Blarney Home Video Library. Parents who order will "get a new video delivered to their child every hour for the next decade." Titles spoof not only the Barney franchise, but other commercials for mail-order videos, from fitness and health tapes to bridge, computers, and semi-religious quests.

A similar Barney spoof, Georgie, appeared as a full-bodied character in "Georgie Must Die."

The Blarney Home Video Library

  • Blarney at the Zoo
  • Blarney on the Farm
  • Blarney on the Bottom of the Ocean
  • Blarney Just Sits There
  • Blarney Reads From the Phone Book
  • Blarney and Omar Sharif Teach You Contact Bridge
  • Blarney Improves Your Golf Swing
  • Hooked on Blarney
  • Blarney's No-Money-Down Real Estate System
  • Blarney Helps You Stop Stop Smoking
  • Blarney Increases Your Personal Power
  • Blarney's Juice Your Way to Better Health
  • Blarney Helps you Organize Your Blarney Video Tapes
  • Blarney! Blarney! Blarney!
  • Blarney's Greatest Bloopers
  • The Making of Blarney
  • Blarney's Cure for Baldness
  • Blarney's Search for Noah's Ark
  • Blarney Teaches You Microsoft Windows
  • Blarney's Forty Days to a Flatter Stomach
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