Bob animated
DEBUT 2006
Sesame Street Bob

Bob! Throw the switch!

Bob is an animated man designed by Cliff Roberts, with a red nose who wears a derby and a bow tie. He introduced each episode of Sesame Street that appears on Old School Volume 1. In his introductions, he starts to talk about the show, and slowly starts talking about himself before an off-camera voice tells him to start the show.

His design is very similar to that of a character used in the 1969 "Poverty X" animation.


He talks about how the episodes included might not reflect todays educational needs, and then is about to talk about his memories.
He talks about some of the changes that began in season two, and then points out that he's got new shoes.
He points out that this episode features the first appearance of Luis, and mentions that Rafael is played by Raul Julia and that Molly the Mail Lady is played by Charlotte Rae.
Bob talks about how the shows have been researched, and asks for some research papers. After getting only one paper, he demands to have more, and gets flooded in paper.
Bob says that watching these might make the viewer feel like a kid again.
  • Closing
There was also a closing scene with Bob after each episode, though unlike the introductions, the closings are the same on each episode. Bob starts to talk about a time in his life when the announcer tells him to say goodnight.