Bob Richardson is an animation director and producer who served as producer on Muppet Babies, moving to supervising producer for the fourth and fifth seasons, and then back to producer. He was also producer on Little Muppet Monsters.

Richardson began his animation career in the 1960s, first at Disney as an inbetweener and assistant animator. By 1969, Richardson was an animator at DePatie-Freleng, working on their various theatrical shorts including the Pink Panther (later directing one entry, 1978's Sprinkle Me Pink), the Ant and the Aardvark, and the Tijuana Toads. He animated on the Dr. Seuss specials and Bugs Bunny's Easter Special and worked on their TV series like Here Comes the Grump, The Houndcats, and The Barkleys and moving up to director for What's New, Mr. Magoo, Crazylegs Crane segments on The All-New Pink Panther Show, and on Marvel series Spider-Woman and Spider-Man. As the studio transitioned to Marvel Productions, Richardson remained as animation director and gradually rose to producer, working on My Little Pony, Dungeons & Dragons, Rude Dog and the Dweebs, Jim Henson's Muppet Babies and the 90s Spider-Man series. He directed two Ultimate Avengers direct-to-video movies in 2006. Richardson is now writing books for youthful readers based on personal projects that he has developed. The first two published books: "Laboratory (Lab) Lizards" and "Laboratory (Lab) Lizards Go To Hollywood."

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