Bobbi Baba was a new Muppet character initially pitched to be a part of the main cast of the 2018 version of Muppet Babies.

Her character description read:

The new Muppet on the block. Bobbi is feminine, exceptionally artistic (she can draw, paint, draw a painting, paint a drawing, sing, dance - she does it all). She's intelligent, well-spoken and well-read for a 6-year-old. She's a sheep-out-of-water in our dysfunctional family. And is leery of Miss Piggy's leery eyes (Piggy might be a TAAAAAD threatened by Bobbi). One of the good ones. Bobbi talks in sheep-ease, 'I'm baaaaahbi, I hope I'm not baaaathering you...' Especially when she's nervous.[1]

When full production of the series began, her character was dropped in favor of Summer, a penguin.


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