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Jeff Marx and Bobby Lopez

Bobby Lopez is the co-writer (with Jeff Marx) of the story and songs for an unproduced Muppet script entitled Kermit, Prince of Denmark. Together they also wrote songs for Bear in the Big Blue House.

Lopez' other work with Marx includes the Tony Award-winning puppet musical Avenue Q. They also collaborated with Debra Fordham and Paul F. Perry on the songs for a musical episode of Scrubs in which Stephanie D'Abruzzo guest-starred.

Lopez and his wife, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, adapted Pixar's non-musical animated film Finding Nemo as a thirty-minute stage musical featuring over-sized puppets for Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park in 2007. They also wrote songs in 2019 for Muppets Live Another Day, a project developed for Disney+ that never went into production.

Lopez commented on creating Kermit, Prince of Denmark, which was very loosely based on Hamlet:

I took Harold Bloom's class at Yale. He always said, "If you put any other character in literature into the center of the Hamlet story, the story would be over in a matter of minutes. He would kill the king and that would be the end of it." But if you put Kermit the Frog at the center of the Hamlet story, everyone would end up saying "I'm sorry" and talking and apologizing and forgiving each other at the end. We thought that was funny.[1]


Bear in the Big Blue House


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