Lyrics by Peter Swet
Date 1979
First Episode 1399

"Body Rhythms" is a Sesame Street song performed by Little Jerry and the Monotones (and a Pumpkin Anything Muppet customer who is fast asleep) about the human body's sounds being combined to make a musical rhythm, with the Monotones and customer providing the sounds to make a beat (coughing, chest beating, hiccuping, sneezing and snoring).


  • This segment was directed by Jon Stone.[1]
  • Performers include Richard Hunt (Lavender Monotone) and Brian Muehl. Christopher Cerf voices the snoring customer.[1]
  • In this song, the band consists of a quintet instead of the usual quartet with an extra Purple Anything Muppet providing the coughing. This was his only appearance with the band.


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