DEBUT 1994

Bonnie Rabbit is the bright and cheery host of the Home Hopping Network (a reference to the Home Shopping Network).

In a Sesame Street sketch (First: Episode 3238), Benny Rabbit wanders by looking for the shopping network. Bonnie tries to get Benny to hop, but he explains that he's a "shopper", not a "hopper." Nonetheless, Bonnie encourages the viewers to hop along with her. Benny is appalled by the way she hops (quietly chanting "hippity-hoppity" while doing so), and decides to outhop her by doing "The Benny Hop." Eventually, a Green Anything Muppet woman, a mopping janitor and a grasshopper named Gus Hopper join in and hop along.

The puppet used for Bonnie has been used for Rudder Rabbit and various other rabbit characters.