DEBUT 1994

Booby Bunny, the famous children's singer, appears in episode 3237 of Sesame Street. Baby Bear and Telly Monster are avid fans of Booby's music.

Baby Bear gets a letter response from Booby saying that he'll be coming to appear on Sesame Street. In preparation, Telly, Baby Bear and the Kids wear Booby-brand accoutrements (including bunny ears, bibs and berets), and practice singing his songs (which all borrow the melody from "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and have repetitive lyrics).

Unfortunately when Booby arrives (via a limousine), he reveals that he has laryngitis and can barely talk, let alone sing, devastating Telly and Baby Bear. Booby leaves to get some rest, and Benny Rabbit begrudgingly agrees to act as his replacement.

Booby Bunny's adoring fanbase and simplistic children's songs parody that of Barney the Dinosaur. The puppet is recycled from the same one used for Rudder Rabbit and Bonnie Rabbit.

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