PERFORMER Carsten Morar-Haffke
DEBUT 2017

Boso is Cookie Monster's cousin on the Sesamstrasse spin-off series Pizza mit Biss. He made his appearance in the pilot episode "Der unheimliche Gast" ("The Eerie Guest") in 2017.

Despite his scary looks and clumsy behavior, the character turns out to be a kind and friendly soul.

The character hails from the fictional country of "Schlamponien" (presumably "Shlamponia" in English), speaking only "Schlamponisch" ("Shlamponian"); even calling his cousin Cookie Monster only by his Shlamponian name "Krossi."

Cookie Monster, in turn, is able to speak the language as well and easily converses with his cousin when Boso shows up for a surprise visit at the show's titular restaurant, bearing a valuable gift: "Schrompoli" root, a delicious ingredient from his home country.

Boso was refurbished from the Maurice Monster puppet, but has a striking resemblance to Frazzle.

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