PERFORMER David Rudman
DEBUT 1992

Bram is a sinister-seeming dog who appears in the Dog City episode "The Bloodhound." His looks and manner recall the traditional Dracula image, from the cape and cowl to sharp claws, teeth, and a Transylvanian accent.

Bram dramatically enters Eliot's apartment, accompanied by thunder and lightning, to announce that he's looking for Colleen. He whisks her away, and Eliot fears that his neighbor is in danger from this apparent creature of the night. In reality, Bram is a professional voice coach who's been giving Colleen howling lessons (with unseen neighbor Mrs. Hovelwort providing organ accompaniment). Eliot's fears are relieved, but he still declines Bram's offer to join them for "....a bite!"

The character's name is a reference to Bram Stoker, who penned the original Dracula novel.