PERFORMER James Corden

Bran is the son of Thunderdell in the 2001 Creature Shop movie Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story. Bran is a kind, caring and thoughtful child who frequently has a smile on his face. After the death of his father, Bran learns the importance of thinking for himself and drawing his own conclusions about what is right.

Although he has suffered due to the actions of the first Jack, he doesn't seek revenge on Jack Robinson for the past.

Thunderdell stated that his son had a good heart, a statement which Ondine later agreed with when he encouraged her to save Jack Robinson, realizing that she was in love with him and that he was nothing like the first Jack. He said that perhaps Ondine had just fallen in love with the "wrong Jack" the first time.

Gallaga the goose refers to Bran as a "clumsy boy."  

It is strongly implied near the end of the film that Bran will take Thunderdell's place as keeper of the goose and harp.