PERFORMER John Tartaglia
DEBUT 2012

Brandeis is a yellow Labrador retriever who appears in a 2012 episode of Sesame Street.

The ever-helpful canine has trouble finding a job on Sesame Street, until he learns about service dogs from Gina. Knowing that a career like being a service dog requires a lot of hard work, Brandeis happily accepts the challenge and, after weeks of training, becomes an official service dog. He eventually meets Liliana, who is in a wheelchair, and proves to be an excellent helper for her.

Brandeis claims to have a college education, and being a licensed eye-doctor, lawyer, C.P.A, car insurance salesman and pest control specialist. At one point, he even expresses a desire to be on the Supreme Court.


  • The dog shares the same name as Louis Brandeis, associate justice on the court from 1916 until 1939. Some years after his death, Brandeis University (from which multiple Sesame Workshop executives have graduated) was named in his honor.
  • This puppet would later be used as a standard dog puppet on Sesame Street, such as the playful puppy in Episode 4606, and as Rudy's dog form in Episode 4732.
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