Brats of the Lost Nebula was a science fiction Saturday morning series created by Dan Clark featuring Creature Shop puppets and CG effects. The series premiered on the WB Network on October 10, 1998.

The show takes place in a mysterious galaxy known as the Lost Nebula. An evil alien army known as the Shock is systematically annihilating entire worlds. Five orphans, Zadam, Triply, Duncan, Lavana, and Ryle were separated from their families from different planets by the Shock and are sent to a strange Planetoid. Using it as their headquarters, the five orphans must band together to fight against the invading armies of the Shock.

Puppeteers included Bill Barretta, Matt Ficner, John Kennedy, Trish Leeper, Sue Morrison, Ian Petrella, James Rankin, Gordon Robertson, Fred Stinson, Jeff Sweeney, Jean-Guy White, and Mak Wilson.[1]


  1. What Mom Said
  2. Total Bratification
  3. Brain Dead
  4. A Lozian Necessity
  5. Heart Hunters
  6. Punk Chip
  7. The Runaways
  8. Mutant Freak
  9. Blite For a Day
  10. The Acceptors
  11. Faith
  12. Mom & Dad
  13. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag


  • Although thirteen episodes were produced, WB canceled the show after the third episode. The remaining episodes premiered on Canada's YTV channel, with the last airing on January 20, 1999. The remaining episodes wouldn't be released in the United States until April 2020 on Roku.[2]
  • Ironically, "Brats of The Lost Nebula" was selected by TV Guide as one of the Top Ten Children's series of the year the week WB canceled the series.





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