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Brazil is a 1985 film directed by Monty Python's Terry Gilliam about a man in a dystopian future trying to find a woman who appears in his dreams while making his way through an Orwellian world built around an over-reliance on poorly maintained machines. Michael Kamen's score utilizes the Brazilian samba "Aquarela do Brasil" while adding an updated riff that serves as the film's Central Services theme. The music has been used in trailers for several films including Michael Moore's Sicko, DreamWorks' Bee Movie, and Pixar's WALL•E.


  • In the 2018 Muppet Babies episode "Animal Fly Airplane", the tune plays over the airband while Summer Penguin pilots a plane over France. Moving to the beat of the music, the aircraft shifts back and forth through the sky while the babies hum along from their seats in the cabin. Summer notes that it's one of Miss Nanny's favorite songs.


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