PERFORMER Alice Dinnean puppeteer
  Anya Taylor-Joy voice
DEBUT 2019

Brea is a Gelfling who is one of the three main protagonists of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. She is the youngest of three sisters and one of the daughters of the All-Maudra.

She begins to question the generosity of the Skeksis after witnessing a farmer's wife give up a necklace that had personal value (it was a gift from her deceased mother) for the tithing ceremony. She stated that the tithing ceremony didn't make any sense, questioning why the Skeksis must take from even the poorest Gelfling. She then gets into a quarrel with the Librarian, shouting, "I demand the truth!" which causes the book to glow and send papers flying. With its lights, it unveils a symbol and explodes.

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