DEBUT 1983
DESIGN Michael K. Frith designer
  Jane Gootnick builder

Brio the Minstrel was one of the Minstrels following Cantus. Brio is a bespectacled Fraggle who plays the cymbals. According to puppeteer Terry Angus, Brio is also the only female minstrel, conceived by Jocelyn Stevenson to balance the gender ratio.[1]

While Cantus gives answers to the Fraggles, these are presented in the mystical way. Brio, on the other hand, can answer the question in a way that can be found by the Fraggles more understandable (she speaks to Gobo about the Honk of Honks and gives him an idea about where to look)

She first appeared in the Fraggle Rock episode "The Minstrels."



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